What is Cystitis ?

Cystitis is an inflamation or infection of the bladder, however the term is sometimes used to cover a whole range of infections  in the lower urinary system and is often called a urniary tract infection.

It occurs mainly in women but men, children and even cats and dogs can suffer. It can cause pain and burning sensations during urination and a frequent need to urinate. Your urine may be cloudy and not smell very nice! and occasionally there may be blood in your urine.

Most cases of cystits are caused by bacterial infection and it occurs when bacteria enters the bladder through the urethra. E.coli is the bacteria that most often causes cystitis and when the bacteria move up the urethra to the bladder, cystits can occur.

People who are at most risk include women who may have poor toilet hygine, people who use a catheter, men with an enlarged prostrate and also pregnant women.

If cystitis is not treated it can move up towards the kidneys and become more serious. Upper urinary tract infections may or may not include the same symptoms as cystitis, and may bring on fever, nausea, vomiting or severe chills.

A lot of people think taking cranberry can help with cystitis and while it may help at first you may want to read this information before making up your mind,-  does cranberry help cure cystitis ?

One of the first things you may want to do before investigating other possible remedies is to to drink plenty of fluid which will help flush out the bladder and also try and urinate every few hours.

If you are searching for a urniary tract infection treatment then hopefully you should find the information on this site useful. 

 Disclaimer: Nothing on this site is meant to constitute medical advice. Check with your own your doctor before taking any action.

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