Waterfall d mannose review

Waterfall D Mannose

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D-mannose is a simple sugar that can be used to treat or prevent cystitis and UTIs. If you suffer from cystitis it’s probably because you don’t have enough natural mannose in your body or your diet

It is claimed that d mannose is safer than antibiotics as it does not kill friendly bacteria or e.coli but it does prevent e.coli sticking to the lining of the urinary tract. Waterfall D-Mannose is a monosaccharide (a simple sugar), related to glucosamine, which can attach to bacteria and stop the bacteria from sticking to your flesh and if you stop that happening, you stop bladder infection symptoms, because when bacteria can’t  attach to the kidneys, the bladder lining or the urinary tract, they can’t cause kidney infection symptoms, or other symptoms.

Waterfall-d-mannose is a natural 100% bio active mannose version of d-mannose. It was developed by a lady and her partner who had been through terrible problems, suffering from constant bladder and kidney infections. Click here to read her story.  They were not getting much success from traditional medicine and antibiotics were not working so they started their own investigations. They realised that the monosaccharide sugar called d-mannose which was being used in experiments to interfere with bacterial attachments had the potential to help with their problem.

They found a version of natural D-mannose that worked so well they started their own business and now many years later they supply the product to many countrys around the world.
To quote from their website –

“Waterfall D-Mannose is a pure grade product, and we firmly believe there is no better mannose on the market. With Waterfall D-Mannose soluble powder, you get pure, natural 100% bio-active Mannose that uses the entire mannose molecule. Our Waterfall D-Mannose is prepared and packed  in York in a controlled Clean Room Environment. Sweet Cures are now world class experts in rare sugars and their effect on bacterial attachment, and Anna has appeared on the BBC discussing E.coli and antibiotic resistance.”

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Waterfall D Mannose

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