Managing Interstitial Cystitis

 This audio is designed for the listener working with interstitial cystitis..  While the symptoms & pain related to this chronic condition appear to be centralized in the bladder, body tension located in other areas tends to play out in the most sensitive area such as this.  Here, the mindbody is trained through specific imagery exercises to locate areas throughout the body & to open them, allowing tension & stress to release.  As these areas are released, healing chemicals are produced allowing additional management of the chronic urological pain & other symptoms.. 

In addition, through specialized imagery the listener can change characteristics of the pain, reframing it & reinterpreting it.  These techniques alter the pain sensations bringing relief to the listener.  Audio includes deep relaxation, emotional & thought management, as well as mental biofeedback.

This audio includes deep relaxation, entry tools to the subconscious mind, imagery designed specifically for managing the urinary tract & lifestyle change, as well as Interactive Self-hypnosis © practice.  

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Note: All programs produced by International Medical & Health Writers, Ltd. are written & recorded by Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht.  Each program has 2 or 3 separate original Interactive Self-Hypnosis Sessions, each with it’s own induction.

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