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Waterfall d mannose review

Nothing here is to be considered as medical advice. Please see your doctor for medical advice.

D-mannose is a simple sugar that can be used to treat or prevent cystitis and UTIs. If you suffer from cystitis it’s probably because you don’t have enough natural mannose in your body or your diet

It is claimed that d mannose is safer than antibiotics as it does not kill friendly bacteria or e.coli but it does prevent e.coli sticking to the lining of the urinary tract. Waterfall D-Mannose is a monosaccharide (a simple sugar), related to glucosamine, which can attach to bacteria and stop the bacteria from sticking to your flesh and if you stop that happening, you stop bladder infection symptoms, because when bacteria can’t  attach to the kidneys, the bladder lining or the urinary tract, they can’t cause kidney infection symptoms, or other symptoms.

Waterfall-d-mannose is a natural 100% bio active mannose version of d-mannose. It was developed by a lady and her partner who had been through terrible problems, suffering from constant bladder and kidney infections. Click here to read her story.  They were not getting much success from traditional medicine and antibiotics were not working so they started their own investigations. They realised that the monosaccharide sugar called d-mannose which was being used in experiments to interfere with bacterial attachments had the potential to help with their problem.

They found a version of natural D-mannose that worked so well they started their own business and now many years later they supply the product to many countrys around the world.
To quote from their website –

“Waterfall D-Mannose is a pure grade product, and we firmly believe there is no better mannose on the market. With Waterfall D-Mannose soluble powder, you get pure, natural 100% bio-active Mannose that uses the entire mannose molecule. Our Waterfall D-Mannose is prepared and packed  in York in a controlled Clean Room Environment. Sweet Cures are now world class experts in rare sugars and their effect on bacterial attachment, and Anna has appeared on the BBC discussing E.coli and antibiotic resistance.”

You can read what other users of Waterfall-d-Mannose have to say by clicking here

What is waterfall d mannose ?

Waterfall D Mannose is 100% natural d-mannose produced with a proven process that extracts only bio-active d-mannose from the ferment, with every molecule correctly aligned to fit the mannose receptors on the E.coli lectins.

It is a clean, naturally organic product, extracted from sweet forest timbers using a photosynthesis method of extraction that involves shining bright light on the ferment to charge the ions of mannose, and make them stick to the collector.

While all that sounds very good the question everyone wants to know does Waterfall D Mannose work ? Well I always think the best way of finding out is to listen to what existing customers say. You can read about some of their experiences of using it by clicking the link below .

Read experiences from people who have used Waterfall D Mannose Feedback

What Is Cystitis?

Cystitis is an infection many women in the UK suffer from. It is a bacterial infection of the bladder that is caused by several different strains of bacterium. By far the most common bacteria that causes it is Escherichia coli (E-coli).

Most men don’t suffer with cystitis, even though they do suffer with other endocrine system infections, which have comparable symptoms to cystitis. Between 20 and 40% of women will suffer from this endocrine system disease during their life. Provided you address it promptly and fully there is no reason to suffer from reoccurring outbreaks.

The key symptoms of cystitis are a burning sensation when urinating, a need to urinate more than usual, cloudy urine or urine that smells stronger than usual. Many women also experience pelvic pain and/or pain in the region of their pubic bone. Some women also see blood in their urine, this usually only occurs in cases of a serious infection.

Treating cystitis quickly is extremely important. The sooner you seek treatment the better the outcome is. Treating the infection before the E-Coli bacteria has had an opportunity to multiply means that you get rid of the disease quicker and it is far less likely to return.

Good hygiene can help to reduce the chances of the infection returning. The bacterium that usually causes the infection is present in the intestines of all people. The transference of these bacteria from the anus to the urinary tract is what causes most cases. Therefore, women are advised to wipe themselves carefully after urinating, doing so by passing the tissue away from their anus rather than towards it. A spotlessly clean toilet also reduces the risk of the intestinal bacteria Escherichia coli from being transferred into the urethra and bladder.

There are some great over the counter products available to take care of cystitis. It is important to buy branded over the counter products that have been developed to treat cystitis. Follow the dosage and application instructions to the letter. In addition, drink plenty of water to help flush the infection out of your system. If you do not get relief after one round of treatment, visit your physician. It could be that you have a more severe urinary infection, in which case your GP might want to prescribe different drugs to treat it.

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Bladder Infection Cure Options

If you frequently experience a burning sensation every time you urinate, then chances are that you have a urinary tract infection. Urinary tract infection or UTI is an infection that targets your urinary tract and its various parts. It is caused by the build up of bacteria in the urinary tract. Commonly, women are infected by bacteria found in their bowels. These bacteria spread and infect the urinary tract via the urethra. A necessary UTI treatment should be taken to counter the spread and malignancy of this disease.

A common cause of urinary tract infection is sexual intercourse. Women are more prone to UTI during sexual intercourse because their urethra becomes very vulnerable to bacterial infection during a sexual activity. Aside from this, holding one’s urine for too long is also a common cause for urinary tract infection. Holding your urine can over-stretch your bladder muscle that controls the urine. Frequent over-stretching of these muscles can cause it to weaken. When the muscles are weakened to a degree that they cannot efficiently remove excess urine anymore, the bladder then develops an infection. This escalates into a full-scale bacteria build up developing into UTI.

Escherichia coli is the chief etiologic agent that causes urinary tract infection. As mentioned earlier, this is how these things enter the urinary tract. This bacterium multiplies in the urine which is normally bacteria-free despite its composition of wastes, salt and fluids. Acute cystitis, or also known as bladder infection, is the most common kind of urinary tract infection. Although totally disorienting due to the excruciating pain and discomfort that it produces to the inflicted person, you can cure this ailment with a simple UTI treatment. A typical UTI treatment is done with the aid of antibiotics. Below are some of the most common short-course urinary tract treatments.

Alkaline Treatment: Despite opposing medical views on the exact pH level that is conducive for bacterial growth, most researches indicate that an alkaline pH is highly beneficial for UTI. Potassium citrate and sodium citrate are the most common minerals that would help in easily alkalizing the urine. This is due to the capability of citrates to promote alkaline shift in the urine.

Antibiotics are very popular for treating bacterial infections, but despite this fact, many physicians disagree and advocate the use of naturopathic remedies. According to them, frequent use of antibiotics only makes bacteria more immune to the substance thus increasing their resistant to antibiotic treatments. Their alternative UTI treatment is more natural and lifestyle-based. The severity of the infection can be reduced with a good healthy diet and organic measures.

Herbal Therapeutic: Speaking of natural UTI treatments, perhaps none is more organic that an herbal therapeutic method. This treatment requires taking natural herbal remedies such as cranberry juice on a regular basis. Because it is organic, you do not have to panic. These herbal concoctions have no side effects on the patient. However, for the best results, you must consult an expert on where to acquire the highest quality and standardized herbal formulas that you can use.

For the best outcome, you should check with a urologist to let you know about the right UTI remedy required for your situation.

If you are tired of experiencing urinary tract infections and need to know more on bladder infection treatment alternatives, then you need to either search on Bing or learn more about bladder infection natural remedies here.

Who Is At Risk From Cystitis?

Cystitis is an infection that only really affects women. Men can have problems with urinary tract infections, but these infections are not normally cystitis. Their infections are usually caused by different bacterium.

Over 40% of women in the UK will suffer from this urinary tract infection at some point in their life. Some women are more prone to suffering the infection than others.

Gay men tend to be more vulnerable to cystitis than heterosexual men are, but even amongst gay men, infection rates remain far lower than they are in women. Good hygiene and practising safe sex significantly reduces the risk for gay men. Prompt treatment is especially important for men, because the infection can become exceptionally painful if left untreated even for a short period of time.

Because the main cause of the disease is the migration of bacteria from the intestine to the urethra, some women are more susceptible to cystitis than other women are. A short gap between their anal area and urinary tract can be a factor that increases their risk of suffering from cystitis.

Pregnant women are far more susceptible to cystitis. Additionally it occurs more frequently in women who have not yet been through the menopause.

There is some evidence that people who are especially sexually active suffer more outbreaks of cystitis. However, this is really only the case for young adults. The older you become the less likely it is that sexual activity a contributing factor.

In men, an instance of cystitis can be quite a sign of other kinds of illnesses, such as an infection in the prostate gland. For this reason men who suffer from cystitis need to consult their physician. It can also sign of a partial blockage of the endocrine system, which if left untreated can lead to kidney disease.

Patients who use a catheter are prone to all kinds of urinary tract infections. It is particularly important to treat this infection quickly in this case.

As you can see practically anyone can suffer from cystitis. This means whoever you are you should look out for the signs. If you do think, you have it seek prompt treatment.

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